‘Eternity Dress’

A new, ballet-like performance at Paris’s fashion museum explores the process of ceating a beautiful garment, using actress Tilda Swinton as mannequin in ‘Eternity Dress’ (running through Sunday November 24th as part of the annual French Festival d’Automne).

Olivier Saillard (director of Paris’s eminent fashion museum, Palais Galliera) and Tilda Swinton (the beguiling Scottish-born actress) perform the entire process of making a single dress— from the measuring and patterning to the cutting and sewing—directly on Swinton’s body. Eternity Dress follows a 1950s methodology, with the dress ultimately representing the history of fashion and the architecture of the craft. It’s a striking conceptual counterpoint to the profusion of fashion collections.

Saillard and Swinton collaborated for the same festival last year on a piece ‘The Impossible Wardrobe’, revolving around a selection of exquisite and delicate historical garments from the Galliera’s private archives. “It was evident Tilda should be our incarnation. She, for me, is a pedestal for all the costumes we selected,” Saillard said of their collaboration last year.

And there sure could be no better place to honor the art of dressmaking than the most prestigious art school: the Beaux Arts de Paris.

Source: The Daily Beast and Festival Autonome á Paris

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