Biennale de Lyon 2013

September 12, the 12th edition of Biennale de Lyon will open to the public and run until January 5 2014

This years guest curator will be Gunnar B. Kvaran, selected by the biennale founder and artistic director, Thierry Raspail, and Kvaran will – like the past selected curators during the past couple of years – has to think in terms of a certain key word for the Biennale this year. TRANSMISSION is the word and will for the third time act as the focus point for the artistic curation. Former key words of the biennale curation have been History, Global and Temporality.

Thierry states on the website of Biennale de Lyon: ”When I submitted the word Transmission to Gunnar B. Kvaran, he responded in literal fashion with the word Narrative. It is merely the starting point for a dialogue upon which we are constructing three platforms; in the first place an Exhibition, second Veduta – the laboratory of visual creation and experiment, and third Résonance – a vast, polyphonic mass of creativity, sort of a counterpoint to the exhibition.”

In all, the narrative focus on this year’s biennale leads to the subtitle Meanwhile, Suddenly, and Then.

Novelists and screenwriters always hope they have an interesting story. These days, politicians too and advertisers are all on the look-out for a good story that can be used to influence voters and consumers. Not only are there ”countless forms of narrative in the world”, as Roland Barthes would have put it, but now they are everywhere and an integral part of our daily life.

For the biennale de Lyon 2013, Gunnar B. Kvaran has invited approximately 70 artists from all over the world who work in the narrative field and use art to experiment with the modalities and mechanisms of storytelling.

Among the artists selected are Paul Chan (US), Matthew Barney (US), Anne Lislegaard (NO), Ming Wong (SG), Hannah Weinberger (DE), Jason Dodge (US), Gabríela Fridriksdóttir (IS), Ed Atkins (UK) and Yang Fudong (CN).

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